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20 Things Girls Want in a Guy’s Place

Source - The Rooster:

Hundreds of potential girlfriends responded, and this is what they asked for in return.

1. “A clean house, but not too clean as to be OCD.”

2. “A good-smelling house, like laundry or manly candles and hopefully not stale fart.”

3. “A big TV to know he likes sports or watches Netflix.”

4. ”Maybe a pic of his family to know he’s loved.”

5. “No cats!!!!!!!”

6. ”Comforter that didn’t come from college (no plaid!). In fact, no traces of college memorabilia at all — no lava lamps or fraternity paraphernalia.”

7. “Something in the fridge besides beer.”

8. “No used condoms in the trash.”

9. “No huge game centers.”

10. “No porn just lying around.”

11. “A tidy bathroom with hand towels and no pee on the lid or goose marks in the toilet. It’s also nice to see they have matches to mask any smells.”

12. “At least four matching pieces of plates and silverware.”

13. “A real trash can, not just Hefty bags. And a trashcan in the bathroom.”

14. “A coffee maker and quality food to make breakfast.”

15. “A grill — one that shows he likes to BBQ, not the kind that’s in someone’s mouth.”

16. “Adult cooking things, like a nice cutting board, pots and pans, spices/seasonings.”

17. “The absence of a chainsaw.”

18. “I look to see that they have at least one nice couch or piece of furniture. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I don’t want to be watching Netflix on an Ikea futon.”

19. “Art is cool in a guy’s house. They should have a sense of style.”


Source: The Rooster

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