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2017 Digital Marketing

by - Bryan Shaw:

We are days away from 2017.. So what is in store for us in the world of digital marketing?

Display advertising likely to move towards video marketing (great when done well) or native advertising.

Pokémon Go was a huge hit this year, but there hasn’t been much follow-up in this space, but I have to think that companies out there developing games and / or game type marketing.

Content is always king. Look for more ways to stand out from the crowd. Be impactful with your content as consumers can spot bad ads much easier. Use live streaming to your advantage.

We will see more mobile marketing as it was huge in 2016. Google is looking more at mobile SEO and allowing it to lead over desktop. Make sure your mobile site is great for your users as we move into 2017.

Wearable technology has mixed success as the Fitbit was huge and the Apple Watch not so much. We will move more into the devices like the Amazon Echo. It is voice activated, but there is more capability to the Echo.

Focus on the role of news in people’s news feeds on social media. The pages that people like and the way that they engage in content should mean that you should continue to see the content you want to see.

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