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50 Years of The Who

This past weekend was a great one.. It’s been a while since I have seen 2 great concerts in one weekend.. And for free makes it even better..

Friday night I went and saw Tesla at the House of Blues and I am sure this was probably the 3,297,426 that I have seen them. It does pay to know people. I had a pair of tickets to the show and I couldn’t give the other ticket away so I did my good deed and sold it to a dude out front for $20 .. The one thing I can say about this band is that when they are on… They kill it. Lucky for the fans they were on that night.

After some recovery time on Saturday.. Sunday night it was The Who and Joan Jett in Jacksonville. The Who has always been on my list of bands to see, but never had the chance, and they didn’t disappoint. The guys sounded great even though I think Roger Daltrey was off in some way. I am not sure what exactly it was, but he seemed nervous or something I could never figure it out. What I mean is that Mick Jagger (who is the greatest frontman) hits the stage he owns it.. He does his thing and you are into everything he is doing… Daltrey was not like that. That certainly did not take away from the band being able to go out and play 23 songs in almost 2 hours and leave the fans wanting to hear and see more.

The guys tried doing some witty banter between songs, but I guess I don’t get the English sense of humor as I was not really laughing like the rest of the crowd. I guess that is why I am still not a fan of Monty Python.

Joan Jett is always great.. She played a couple Runaways tunes and her hits and the crowd loved her as well. Joan is never off.

If you have a chance to see The Who on this tour do not pass it up.. Even the ticket prices are not super expensive.

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