A White Panel Van From Nashville, TN

Last week I headed to Nashville, TN to pick up a van for a client’s business. What a crazy trip. Nashville is a great¬†city. I haven’t been there since 2005 and the city has changed so much, and continues to grow. It is amazing how much construction is happening there. Spent some time hanging with old friends and talking about good times while drinking a few cold ones and having some good food. Peg Leg Porker has some incredible BBQ. That place is a must on anyone’s trip to Nashville. I just forgot to pick up a t-shirt from that place. As a designer, their simple pig logo shirt was cool. I need one. 12th Ave Taproom had a great selection of craft beers, but the service was a little slow. Flip Side has awesome chicken. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant that has a giant Grape Ape mural on the wall.

I do need to mention that driving a white panel van with no windows is weird. It’s not like I am doing anything wrong, but if anyone has ever driven one you know what I am talking about. No logo, no windows, just a plain white van. Maybe I have seen to many movies or something, but… It’s weird. Trust me. One night in Nashville and a 10 hour drive back to Orlando and all I can say is it was a great trip. I think I missed my calling as a tour bus driver.

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