Believe It or Not: Country

I am not the biggest Country music fan.. If it’s country for me it’s Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings..But there is something that I dig about The Cadillac Three. Maybe it’s because I was familiar with them when they were The Cadillac Black and were more Rock n Roll.. Or wait maybe that was when they were known as American Bang.. Whatever it is.. I dig this band.. Their songs are just catchy as hell..

They are also covering Motley Crue’s Live Wire on the upcoming Country tribute to Motley Crue.. I am curious to see how they spin the Motley tune..

Take a listen.. I think you’re going to like these guys..

Gotta support bands these days.. It certainly not the business it used to be. No more getting rich in the biz.. But at least you have a shot as a country artist because Rock is on it’s last breath..

As the Cadillac Black: Sticks …

As The Cadillac Three: The South …

Pick your poison.. These guys are kick ass..

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