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Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Neighborhood So They Can Live Together

Source - The Rooster - By Isabelle Kohn:

The worst part about growing up isn’t assuming responsibility for your cell phone bill or coming to the frightening realization that gravity does actually affect you … it’s the fact that your friends all move away. Called by the siren song of well-paying jobs and reproductive options, your tight-knit little crew will inevitably disperse and spread to the furthest corners of the country where they’re impossible to visit without coming upon a large enough sum of your neighbor’s buried meth money or … something.

All you want is to live in the same city as their wonderful asses, to see their faces every day and get into trouble like you used to, but adulthood has made getting together for dinner or drinks with the people you care about most a once-a-year kind of thing. It’s great to see them over Christmas, but damn it, you want more.

However, this is not the sad fate one group of Texas friends were willing to accept. Instead of moving away from each other like so many best friend groups do, they built themselves their own neighborhood of tiny houses so they could live together while maintaining their independence.

Eight BFFFFFs (four couples) purchased ten acres of land outside of Austin, near the Llano River, creating what they call the “Llano Exit Strategy.” Each couple has an identical house and plot of land to call their own, both of which have been designed by architect Matt Garcia to be as environmentally mindful as possible. In keeping up with the pragmatic minimalism of the “tiny house” ethos, each house is only 350 square feet and contains just a bedroom, bathroom and living room.

A huge kitchen and a larger social space exists within a fifth, much larger 1,500 square foot cabin that comes equipped with six extra beds in case any lucky visitors happen to show. The cabin has two dishwashers so no one has to fight over dirty dishes, as well as a porch, picnic tables, and a bunch of nice furniture to be best friends on.

How did this idyllic wonderland come about? As Mental Floss reports, “They ‘had been hunting for a quiet escape from the ever-growing buzz of Austin, a place to ride their bikes, reconnect with nature and recharge,’ and the riverfront location checks all those boxes.They’ve made sure to respect their natural surroundings by working with the arid local climate, rather than against it: the homes’ sloped butterfly-style roofs catch rainwater for reuse around the compound, while metal siding and good insulation both reduce heat from the glaring summer sun while preserving indoor warmth during cooler months.”

Considering you can build a pretty functional tiny home for anywhere between $8K and $15K, it would theoretically be easy to save up with your crew and put some money down on a little hood like this so you could live happily ever after. Think of all the money you’d save on travel to and from whatever coastal city they now live on.

Of course there’s always the risk of a venture like this turning into a tiny, beautifully decorated cult, but until that happens … sleep over at our tiny house.

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