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Book Update

I have officially been writing the book just over a month. I spend a few hours each weeknight writing the stories from my past. It has been a pretty awesome experience at this point. I have sent a few stories to some friends and even most of what I have written to others including some who don’t know much about me and the feedback has been great. I am beyond excited for this. From talking to different people about the book I have even decided to be more open than I previously thought I was going to do.. This is it.. Just going to put it all out there..

You never know what others are going to think putting your life and stories out there so I was a little nervous even sending to those that I consider good friends. Things are moving along pretty good. I know this much.. I am going to need a hell of an editor.

I am also looking for stories for those who have met me. I don’t know what or how I will incorporate those stories but I think this could be an interesting chapter or chapters of the book. If you have a story feel free to reach out on social media or shoot me an email with the story.

I have no idea what the title will be. It is way to early in the process to even think about that.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided feedback and encouragement to keep writing.

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