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Branding Lessons Learned From Howard Stern

Today I stumbled on this article and instead of writing a new post today… I thought I would just share this post from Inc. Magazine.

I have always admired Howard. I wouldn’t consider myself the typical Howard Stern fan. I always liked what he did in radio and TV and of course I loved his movie, but I always enjoyed Howard during his interviews with celebrities. Not the strippers and such. Howard was always prepared and made every show sound effortless. Along the way Howard made his mark, but it wasn’t easy.

I find it remarkable that someone who had the reputation that he had as a “shock jock” was able to become the likable guy we see on America’s Got Talent.

The biggest lesson I ever learned from watching and listening to him.. Be prepared, know your topic, know your brand, know yourself. No matter what you think of him Howard has never steered away from being him, whether you liked him or not, he never caved to any pressure from his peers or his bosses.

When I stumbled on this article I found it pretty interesting especially since I have been a fan of what Howard has done for over 20 years.

Check out this article by Erik Sherman for Inc. Magazine. If you know anything about Howard you will certainly understand how he has done it.

Howard Stern Has 7 Branding Lessons

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