bishop gunn

I Got the Feels From This Band

Nov 14, 2017No Comments

Until this last Sunday night I thought I had reached that age where I didn’t care if I heard any new bands, but when you


Random Thoughts

Aug 05, 2017No Comments

First thing I want to say is Happy Anniversary to my parents. 50 years and counting. I couldn’t ask for two better people in my

pebbles bed

This Dog is a Hero

Aug 05, 2017No Comments

What I am about to write is one of the craziest stories I have ever heard. What you are about to read is only part of


Road Trip 2017

Aug 01, 2017No Comments

I have been sitting here the last week or so thinking what in the hell is going on with my life as it seems to

RIP Gregg Allman

May 29, 2017No Comments

Another day has gone by and another great loss in the music community. Gregg Allman passed away on Saturday and I am saddened by the


Just Random Thoughts and Updates

May 29, 2017No Comments

As I am currently in between projects.. I thought I would just throw out some randomness today.. I decided a couple weeks ago to cut


Stanley Cup Playoffs

May 01, 2017No Comments

It’s that time again.. The NHL playoffs are on and I swear at night I can’t get anything done especially when my team, the Anaheim

paul oneill

Paul O’Neill, the Trans Siberian Orch...

Apr 06, 2017No Comments

I heard about the passing of the TSO’s Paul O’Neill last night. Normally the passing of musicians does not effect me too much, but this


GnR – The Greatest American Rock Band

Mar 29, 2017No Comments

Every now and then I get into a mode where I will only listen to one band for a week or weeks at a time

open book

Book Update

Mar 20, 2017No Comments

I have officially been writing the book just over a month. I spend a few hours each weeknight writing the stories from my past. It has been