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Here Are the top 5 Ways Porn Has Changed Si...

Sep 16, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Zeynep Yenisey: Since humans are inherently horny, we’ve been pleasuring ourselves to porn since the Renaissance, and back then,

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Turns Out Netflix Has a ‘Steamy’...

Aug 31, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by -Zeynip Yenisey We’ve all been there — mindlessly browsing Netflix, just trying to find something good to watch, only to re-watch season 4


What If Michael Bay Made Waffles

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Hedonistica Awesome video trailer for Michael Bay’s new project: Making Waffles

2 dollar bills

Man Goes To Jail Because Best Buy Employee,...

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Geekologie: Small business owner Mike Bolesta was recently jailed after trying to pay for a car stereo installation at Best Buy with $2 bills. Apparently


I Make Bank Selling My Filthy Used Socks to...

Aug 07, 2017No Comments

Source - The Rooster - by - Lindsey Kline: “What do you think they’re doing with your socks?” I ask Jessie over the phone. “What


Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell ...

May 01, 2017No Comments

Source - Geekologie: This is a video of musician Rob Scallon (previously) performing Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ entirely with different forms of bells

indian motorcycle

Born Again Indian Motorcycles Are Here to D...

Feb 22, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Dan Carney: Legend tells of a time when there existed a big American motorcycle company other than Harley-Davidson. It

ashes in vinyl

And Vinyly: Get A Loved Ones’ Ashes P...

Feb 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Geekologie: And Vinyly is a service that allows you to have a loved ones’ ashes pressed into a custom vinyl record for BONUS

evan williams

Drink More Booze While Traveling to Avoid G...

Feb 07, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Steve Huff: When you think of drinking while traveling there’s a chance some memories are bad—that tequila bender in

widowmaker superbike

This Insanely Fast, World Record Setting Wi...

Jan 30, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Dan Carney: Sometimes the notion that you can put a small block Chevy V8 into anything seems like hyperbole.