Create Instagram Posts That Drive Sales

by - Bryan Shaw:

Are you using Instagram to promote your business or product? Need some ways to drive sales through your posts?

A great Instagram post is not just taking a picture, adding a filter and posting it. If you want impactful posts you need to take time, think about the photo, craft it, and share it.

#1. Your Images Should Get Attention – Find an interesting angle. Get creative with the shot and make sure it reflects well on the product. Think about whether you will show the entire product. Will your image show any other items? Frame the shot in a certain way to get the most out of the product shot. Focus on the lighting. Whether photos are taken indoors or outdoors, good lighting is crucial. This may seem like Photography 101, but lighting also tells a story about your product. Even with careful tweaking and tuning, Instagram’s editing tools often can’t fix a photo taken with poor lighting.

Remember your Instagram photos are also a part of your brand.

#2. Tell a Story Using Your Caption – Know what descriptions hit your audience with the most impact.

#3. Relevant Hashtags – Hashtags make your photos discoverable. Use popular hashtags when they apply to your photo or your brand. It’s best to stick with three to five hashtags at a time. You don’t want to overload your photo with too many hashtags because that can be viewed as desperation. You can also create a hashtag campaign. Create a hashtag that your followers can use.

 #4. Call to Action – This is a great way to gain new followers, but make sure the action is relevant to your post. It could be as simple as “Shop Now!” or “Download our app.”

#5. Partner With Others – Use others that already have built-in distribution lists with large groups of followers and are trusted for their opinions on what products to purchase.

Make sure you know your content strategy so your Instagram account can continuously grow and generate sales. Remember pay attention to follower activity and respond to your community’s questions.

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