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Don’t Call Us.. But We Won’t Call You Either

I have been doing freelance / contract work for a couple years and as I try and get back into the game of a full time job I have noticed something that seems to be a real issue, and what I consider to be unprofessional. Some of you know, I have not been shy when it has come to looking for a new gig, and maybe that could generate getting the cold shoulder, but I have found one thing to be consistent.

That is the lack of communication that goes on between the potential employer and the candidate. It has puzzled me and irritated me the more it happens. I can’t wrap my head around why the person you spoke with can’t or does not respond to follow up emails or questions when it comes to the job you applied and interviewed for.

How can a person be in a Manager or Director role and not take the time to communicate with a person they spoke with about a possible position at their company? It seems to me to be a trend in the marketplace today. If you can’t communicate to the potential candidate how can you possibly run a department and communicate effectively with them? Have we become so lawsuit happy that a person is afraid if they send the wrong message a court case will happen? We are not going to get every job we apply for; rejection is part of the game.

In my opinion, if you have spoke on the phone or in a one on one interview situation there is absolutely no excuse for not getting back to that person. If you can’t take the time to answer their email, even if it’s bad news, then you should not be in the manager, director, or hiring position for that company. It’s just that simple. If you can’t take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to answer an email you might need to adjust your work schedule. Believe me no one is that busy. No one.

I have emailed a few places numerous times only to be ignored and it makes me wonder why or how they can possibly hire the “right” person for the job, or again why are they in that hiring role in the first place.

Besides landing the job, the only thing the candidate wants is an answer. Whether they are moving forward in the interview process or they are no longer in consideration for the position.

The lack of communication only looks bad for that company, and has always kept me from applying at the same company again knowing they can’t even answer a simple email.

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