Dress For the Job

This is what we have heard for as long as we have been applying for jobs. Dress for the position you are applying for. While that is true it is also important to make sure you are going to fit into the work environment at your next job.

I don’t know if there is a job that I have applied to where I have worn a suit. I think in the line of work that I do with the Social Media / Design / Creative side I don’t need to in most cases. If that time comes I could be in trouble I am not even sure I own a suit these days. I know I own a few ties, so I think I can fake it.

All sarcasm aside, here are a few tips for your next interview.

1. Wear something you feel good in. Be confident in your interview, if you wear something you are not comfortable it could come across in how you answer questions or even how you are sitting with your interviewer.

2. Dress like your future co-workers. If you are not sure, check out the website of the company. It can give you a good sense of the environment or maybe even have pictures posted of employees on the job. You also do not want to over dress as your future colleagues will see you as you are being interviewed and may possible meet you. You do not want to give them the sense that you might not fit in due to the way you are dressed.

3. Do not wear to much makeup. Ladies this one is obviously for you. You do not want to distract the interviewer because you look like you just stepped off the corner, or you are hiding something.

4. Most importantly…Just be yourself. You would be surprised how much the interviewer can pick up by how you are dressed and acting during the interview.

Remember relax, do your research, have questions ready, and again be yourself.

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