EastBound and Down

What a long strange trip it’s been.. ( I can’t believe I just quoted the Grateful Dead) ..  Four days and 2, 485 miles in my trip from Redondo Beach, CA to Orlando, FL.

I am not even sure where to begin, but I just finished what I believe to be my 9th trip across this great country of ours. I can also say without a doubt that nothing has changed along that route except maybe a few places closed down. For sure nothing new has opened up. With that being said, everyone should take at least ONE trip across the country and see what is out there. Minus West Texas it’s a pretty nice drive.

One thing I have to say is New Orleans is a dump. What in the hell? I figured that city might be kind of cool, but I was wrong.. Way wrong. If you live there I honestly do not know how you do it or why.. But to the outsider driving through that city is a complete mess. It looks crime ridden and dirty. I am not sure what it was like before Katrina, but did anyone even clean up after that hurricane? Or did everyone just leave it and just move back in? I know that you will not catch me living in New Orleans unless the job offer pays ridiculously well. It was not all bad, the drive  over Lake Pontchartrain was super cool.

It was also great stopping to see some good friends on the way..

Leaving Arizona this time was a complete leap of faith. After the format flip at KDKB I knew it was time to go. I love AZ, after all, I did live there three times. Florida seems like the change I needed. I have some great job leads and seeing some old friends has been great and meeting new ones is even better.

It’s hard to explain, but sometimes life makes you make choices you didn’t think you would have to make. This one seems to be for the better and I am excited about the future and the possibilities in Florida.

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