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Fact: Doing it 50 Years and Better than 95% of Current Bands

It is a sad day today (Friday April 10th) as I have been unable to get good Rolling Stones tickets.. By the time I snagged tickets they were over $100 bucks (which was not the problem), but they were on all the way up top with a view of the side of the stage. No thanks. I have been lucky enough to see them a number of times and they are the greatest Rock n Roll band, and my opinion will not change. I have happily paid more than $100 for tickets and I promise you it was worth every cent. The guys are great. You can say they are old, but the bottom line is this.. They have been doing it 50+ years and they still write and perform better than 95% of the bands that are still doing that are half their age. #Fact.

With all of that being said, I at least have the extra cash to check out a couple other shows coming to the area. the good part about spending money on the Stones is it allows me to see about 4 other shows..

I will now check out Testament and Exodus and hit up the Whitesnake show a little later this Summer.

I love checking out live shows… I guess that is one of the reason I spent so much time in the media business.

Sidenote.. I seem to be on this Thrash kick in the last couple days so I picked up Overkill’s White Devil Armory.. I am pretty sure badass is an understatement for this record.

Good times…

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