fireball whiskey

Fireball is the Most Popular Liquor in the US. Wait, What?

Source - The Rooster:

That’s right folks, the addictive wannabe schnapps that so many people toss back like they have no control over their actions or liver’s future, is the number one liquor of more states than any other booze. This is according BARTENDr, an app which collected data from 700,000 users. And judging by the results, we’re guessing most of the users were either high schoolers who need a quick fix of something strong and cheap, or college bros looking to hit on high schoolers who need something strong and cheap …Here is the breakdown of which states prefer which booze. While we enjoy our Fireball binges that inevitably lead to hellish mornings, our favorite booze is by far and away … not Fireball. But the people have spoken and Fireball — followed by a close second in Jack Daniels — was the prefered liquor of 15 states. FIFTEEN STATES!!!! Are we in a recession?

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