gut instinct

Go With Your Gut

We all know the saying, but how many of us actually do this? I have learned my gut is never wrong. No matter how or why I think that instinct is wrong.

It proved me right recently when I kept trying to talk myself out of an appointment that I should not have ever went to, but I decided that I should go and check it out.. and guess what.. I was right. If I would have listened to my gut I would have never wasted my damn time. Even though the actual appointment only lasted about 8 minutes due to the other person not knowing what they were doing.. It wasted about an hours worth of time..

My gut has told me take accept jobs, not take them.. And as I look back on those decisions one thing was always true no matter what family or friends told me to do my gut instinct was always right. There is that voice in the back of our mind that guides us as it knows how we really feel about a situation. Whether it is a job, or going out to a bar, or something that tells us to avoid a particular situation.. We don’t know why we do it.. But we listen to it.. We always seem to think we have to have a logical answer for everything, but sometimes we just get a feeling without any real reason and listen to it.

That is our “gut” talking and I am saying you that if you don’t listen to it.. You are making the wrong decision.

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