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Good Ol’ Rock N Roll

It has been a while since I have had a chance to grab any new music, but that all has changed over the last few days. I picked up the new album from Monster Truck called “Sittin Heavy” and The Dead Daisies “Revolucion”.

So here we go.. Both of these albums should be in your collection. In fact all the work from both bands should be in the collection.

I know the Dead Daisies album has been out for some time.. And I even checked out their show when they opened for Whitesnake in Orlando last year. Great band live as well.  I have been a fan of Corabi since his days with the Scream and I still think the record he did with the Crue is the best album that band ever did. With that being said I think this Dead Daisies record is just kick ass. This album is just straight up Rock n Roll and what I believe to be missing from the music scene these days. Some of my favorite tunes include “Looking For the One” which by the way is a tune that I can’t listen to just once.. I find myself always play it over and over.. Also “Empty Heart”, “With You and I” and when I want to slow it down I turn on the song “Sleep”. Also check out their Facebook page and get updates as they are working on their next album.

(You can also check out my interview with John Corabi here on my YouTube page)

And let me give a little love to the band Monster Truck as I am just learning about this band from Canada. I kept seeing their name come up on some shows and festivals so I decided to check them out and I’m glad I did. These guys are another group putting out some great Rock music. I then just started looking up their music and was like damn these guys have more music.. And so like the days of old I grabbed their older stuff too. I have not been disappointed. The albums are fantastic beginning to end.

It is a shame that bands like both the Dead Daisies and Monster Truck do not get any love on the radio. People are missing out and hopefully word will spread about these groups. At the end of the day my friends I would not steer you wrong on some great albums to purchase. All of which I have written about here are worth grabbing and cranking up to 11.

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