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Guns N Roses April 9 Sold Out in Las Vegas

The first of the Guns N Roses history making shows in Las Vegas are in the books.. And what a couple great nights of Rock n Roll they were. I hit up the show on Saturday April 9th. I have been stoked about this reunion since the rumors started not to long ago.. (See my previous post on GNR here.. ) So much to say and not even sure where to start.. So F*ck it.. Grab a cold one and read on if you like..

AIC is always great to see live. Jerry Cantrell is a beast and I don’t think he gets the credit he really should as far as a guitar player and singer.. As the opener, their show was short, but the band was on point, and played the “hits” if you will.. Honestly I only watched a couple songs because I had to grab a beer or two to get prepared for what we were all there to see.. 3/5 of the original GnR members to take the stage..

Alice in Chains setlist:

  1. Hollow
  2. We Die Young
  3. Them Bones
  4. Check My Brain
  5. Man in the Box
  6. Down in a Hole
  7. No Excuses
  8. Would
  9. Rooster

We all know Axl is known for being “late” to take the stage, and Friday night I heard GnR didn’t go on until almost midnight.. So needless to say.. It was a good thing there was booze.. Fortunately.. The arena went dark and GnR hit the stage at 11pm.. Things got started as they rolled out the “Throne” donated from Dave Grohl when he broke his leg on tour last year.. You could feel the excitement and the fans went crazy.. Then Duff hit the opening notes of It’s So Easy and we were off..

You can say what you want and I don’t know if you can really tell from the video, but I can tell you Axl sounded incredible.. The sold out crowd was singing every note to every song..

You could see the smile on Axl’s face and you could tell he was enjoying himself..As a fan and seeing the band numerous times over the years.. You could tell that the band was happy to be playing together again.. I mean that could have easily been helped along by the rumored 2.75 million they are getting per gig.. But who cares.. Everyone was having a good time.. And history was being made..

I wasn’t sure how the show was going to be with Axl sitting the entire time especially if you are familiar with him running around the stage, but he pulled it off and the show was incredible. I still have no idea why they need 2 keyboard players, but at least the girl is decent to look at. Dizzy Reed does have the best seat in the house when the strippers are dancing during Rocket Queen..

It was pretty amusing to see Axl change outfits a few times during the set.. He would leave the stage using crutches and then would get wheeled back on by some girl in a naughty nurse outfit…

Duff and Slash interacted with the other members like they had been bandmates for years… As much as I would have liked to have seen Matt Sorum on the drums and Izzy on rhythm guitar I can say Richard Fortus was great and drummer Frank Ferrer killed it..

I can’t forget to mention the appearance of Sebastian Bach who came out to sing with Axl on My Michelle, which was pretty awesome.. I am not sure how Sebastian became such great friends with Axl, but he has to thank his lucky stars every day..

Honestly, the only time I think Axl sounded rough was during the second half of Coma (which is one of my favorite tunes from the Use Your Illusion records) it was fucking killer to hear live..

You can say what you would like about the band going on late, but they played from 11pm until just shy of 2am..

During the entire set I just kept thinking this was /  is the last great Rock n Roll band. No one can or is doing what GnR is bringing to the table even 20 plus years later.. Watching the show just reminded you of how kick ass this group was and how they are about to kick everyone’s ass on tour this summer..

If you are on the fence about going.. and you don’t.. Your Rock n Roll card should be revoked.. This tour is a must see… No question about it. I am sure there will be some issues as there always seems to be with this band, but I can bet you that there will not be any cancellations due to someone not showing up or not wanting to play.. There is a shit load of money on the line and I believe they are to prove they are still one of the greatest rock bands in the world.

This tour is worth every damn dollar.

1. It’s So Easy
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Chinese Democracy
4. Welcome To The Jungle
5. Double Talkin’ Jive
6. Estranged
7. Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney & WINGS cover)
8. Rocket Queen
9. You Could Be Mine
10. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory intro / Attitude
11. This I Love
12. Coma
13. Theme From “The Godfather”
14. Sweet Child O’ Mine
15. Better
16. Civil War
17. My Michelle (with Sebastian Bach)
18. Wish You Were Here (instrumental)
19. November Rain
20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
21. Nightrain


22. Don’t Cry
23. The Seeker
24. Paradise City

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