Happy Holidays

I love this time of the year.. Even though I am in Florida and it doesn’t ever really feel like Christmas it has always been a favorite time for me. Maybe it is because my XXMas cards get a little funnier and crazier every year? I am honestly not sure.

I have said it before I will say it again.. If you aren’t getting the XXMas card you should be. The funny thing to me is everyone loves my card because it is so different from all the other cards they receive. I can’t believe that a card that was just a joke back in 1999 (see photo) is still going strong 15 years later. I have to say thank you to my friends for keeping me motivated to do them every year. It is one of those things that keeps me creative. After 15 years you might think it is easy to come up with an idea or a caption, but every year I sit around and think how can I outdo myself this year.

Every year I wait for friends to get them and tell me whether it is better than the previous year… And so far it has.. I always get a laugh out of the posts that get written on my Facebook page..

“It’s officially XXXmas season now that Bryan Shaw‘s card has arrived and is hanging in my kegerator.”

“I’m obsessed it’s on my fridge and I have to change it every 30 minutes its weird….”

“Nice Master’s Piece of a card this year. Graci-ass”

“Another reason why staying friends with Bryan is awesome! His Christmas card every year is EPIC! I can’t wait to put with all my friends family ones. People come in the house admiring the cards and then are like WTH! Lol”

If you think 15 was good.. Just wait until next year.. Sweet Sixteen..

Merry Christmas my friends…

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