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Here We Go.. Politics

If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s how much we hate politics. Here we are still early in 2015 and the political rumblings are happening again.. Nothing is more irritating to watch than the commercials bashing the other candidates. The question must be asked this year is do you think it will be another Clinton Bush race in 2016? I certainly hope they do not become our choices as we roll into 2016.

I just can’t believe that out of all the people that we would be stuck with them … AGAIN.

I am not a fan of anyone who has entered the race as of yet.. I am waiting for a strong third party candidate. At this point I am ready to write in myself just so a vote doesn’t go to the Dems or the Republicans..

I will leave you with this thought.. We are all talking about how our country sucks and things are bad, but yet we keep voting for the same people.. It is time for a change. A real change in our political system. Have we became such a society that no one even cares any more? No one gets out to vote… It’s really quite sad. Whether you think your vote counts or not you should be out there voting every chance you have.


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