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Here Are the top 5 Ways Porn Has Chan...

Sep 16, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by - Zeynep Yenisey: Since humans are inherently horny, we’ve been pleasuring ourselves to porn since the Renaissance, and back then,

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Turns Out Netflix Has a ‘Steamy...

Aug 31, 2017No Comments

Source - Maxim - by -Zeynip Yenisey We’ve all been there — mindlessly browsing Netflix, just trying to find something good to watch, only to re-watch season 4

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Advantages of Using Social Media in Y...

Aug 23, 2017No Comments

by - Bryan Shaw: There are many advantages of using social media for promoting both your online or offline products and services. It’s a fast


Difference Between Digital Marketing ...

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

by - Bryan Shaw: As much as we use social media and digital marketing I still get asked the question what is the difference in


What If Michael Bay Made Waffles

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Hedonistica Awesome video trailer for Michael Bay’s new project: Making Waffles

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Man Goes To Jail Because Best Buy Emp...

Aug 14, 2017No Comments

Source - Geekologie: Small business owner Mike Bolesta was recently jailed after trying to pay for a car stereo installation at Best Buy with $2 bills. Apparently


I Make Bank Selling My Filthy Used So...

Aug 07, 2017No Comments

Source - The Rooster - by - Lindsey Kline: “What do you think they’re doing with your socks?” I ask Jessie over the phone. “What


Who the F*ck is Bryan Shaw

Aug 06, 2017No Comments

As I continue the writing process for my book I have had to push back my deadline for my rough draft. This has been for