bishop gunn

I Got the Feels

Until this last Sunday night I thought I had reached that age where I didn’t care if I heard any new bands, but when you least expect it you find a band that blows your fucking mind. The last new bands I think  I really got into and followed on social media channels and such were the bands Airbourne and Black Stone Cherry. Those bands have both been around since the early 2000’s. I would try and listen for new music, but I always found myself going back to the same shit I had been listening to for years.

I mean I am the guy who has 1500 songs on my iPhone and listen to the same 18 songs everyday. But…

This all changed Sunday when I was listening to music on YouTube and I saw the band Bishop Gunn. Something made me stop whatever song I was listening to and click on the track “Eye of the Hurricane” and holy shit. It was the best click of a mouse I have made in a long time.

This band blew me away.. I can’t even describe my thoughts other than…Realizing you just heard the greatest band to come out of the South since the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

These guys have it all. The hit songs. The look. The talent. The badass name. They are just fucking awesome. Did I mention a singer that has an awesome voice and is a true rockstar. Just watch the videos. I watched every video they have on YouTube and I loved every second of it. Bands do not come along like this every day. Snag the record off iTunes. Give them a listen.

Then give them a like on Facebook. I promise I would never steer you wrong when it comes to supporting a kick ass band. These guys deserve every bit of success.

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