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Improve Your Content Marketing

by - Bryan Shaw:

Content marketing is extremely important to your business. It can create amazing results if it is done correctly. Map out your plan, and adjust it as necessary.

Content marketing is more than just writing a blog for your website. You should also think about inforgraphics, vlogs (video blogs), webinars are just a ways to change up your content. Video can be extremely important as we roll into 2016. It is easier than ever to create and share videos with your fans and followers.

No matter what your business is you can benefit from content marketing. It can work for business to consumer and business to business marketing. The concept is the same just customize the message for each approach a little different.

It’s always important to identify your KPI’s (key performance indicators) to gauge the success or failure of your marketing. It is not always easy to track your ROI (reutn on investment) but it should be done to the best of your ability to know what is working and what isn’t.

A few examples of KPI’s:

  • Number of visits based on your campaign
  • Downloads for a particular offer
  • The amount of shares on social media
  • The bounce rate from your website
  • Amount of leads you receive
  • Revenue generated

Content marketing can do great things and can help grow your business, but remember to use different platforms. Diversify. Use social media, email, pay-per-click, SEO and display ads.

Content is king.

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