It Was a Good Run

No matter how long you are in the radio business going through a format flip is never easy. As a personality you are usually a casualty of any change. It’s just the nature of the beast. Today 93.3 KDKB made it’s format change from Classic Rock to Alternative. The on-air staff was sent packing and we are on to our next chapter.

I have been fortunate in my radio career to have worked at some legendary stations all top 50 markets except 1 or 2.. but Phoenix was the big time for me. I never wanted to be in Chicago, New York, or LA .. for me it WAS Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix was my Los Angeles.

I just wanted to take a few minutes and say that I had an awesome ride at KDKB … ALL THREE TIMES.

I had wanted to live in Phoenix, AZ for many years and I had always tried to get here.. Sending demo after demo to stations here starting around 97 or 98 for the chance to live and work in an awesome city. My chance finally came in 2007 when I became a number in the format flip that brought the legendary rock station 106.1 WRDU to a country station.

But.. I finally landed a full time gig doing overnights, producing Alice Cooper’s radio show, and Assistant Production Director. I took a hellacious pay cut, for the opportunity. I had been here about 6 months when I decided it was time to go back to school.

Fast Forward 3 years later and I was looking to move out west again from Florida. Paul Marshall was Program Director at that time and I remember a phone call I had with him. He said well get out here because I can’t hire you over the phone. I thought to myself.. I am going to drive 3 days to possibly get a part time job? Craziness..but I did it and was back on the air. Thanks to Paul Marshall and a few of my co-workers giving me a good recommendation. This time I last about 4 months. I landed a pretty kick ass gig in TV in LA and I was off.. But somehow I knew it probably wouldn’t be my last time in Phoenix or at KDKB.

Fast forward again about 3 years later after the LA gig and a year plus in Vegas I found myself back at KDKB. Third time is a charm right? Same people in house and it was a great feeling to be back. Funny thing was this time every one on staff was taking bets as to how long I would stay this time. Turns out it was my longest stint. About a year and a half. Yesterday Sept 16, 2014 I was told we were all losing our jobs. I was in shock, mixed emotions, WTF do I do now? Things like this you are never ready for, but Sometimes life kicks you in the ass and makes the decision for you.

I have great memories of my time at KDKB.. I got to meet some great people not only ones I worked with, but the occasional new band or “has been” that would stop by the studio.

I wish nothing but the best for my friends at the station and I am sure they will all land on their feet.

I would like to say thank you to every one for making all three times at KDKB really fucking fun.

93.3 KDKB you will be missed.

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