It’s More Than Job Boards

We have all been there… Some maybe there now or in the future, but one thing is for sure there are certain things you should do if you find yourself unemployed. Remember there is a lot of competition out there and you might even be the most qualified candidate it doesn’t guarantee a call back. 

Things to do in the event you find yourself unemployed: 

1. Don’t apply for your jobs you aren’t qualified for. 

2. Volunteer. If this is done right it could lead you into your next job. Plus it enhances your resume.

3. Freelance. This can be tough for some, but it helps to build your network, creates income, and builds confidence

4. Keep your skills current. This is important as you don’t want to find yourself losing your skills as things are always evolving, especially in the tech / digital world.

5. Build your personal brand. I have talked about this in previous blogs. This is very important. Google yourself. Know what is out there if a potential employer is checking out your background and social media presence. Create an online portfolio, follow companies on social media platforms. 

So quit spending all your time on job boards, and become more hirable. 

Most importantly… Don’t take a job just to have a job. Do something you want to do!

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