Just a Few Ramblings

It’s been a crazy week… I mean seriously where did the time go? Another great weekend in the books. Friday night went out and had a few drinks.. .. Watched the Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Playoff game and what an awesome game. The more hockey I watch the more I just can’t understand why this sport isn’t the sport to watch.. Saturday was a low key day relaxing¬†and Sunday (mom’s day) … Since my awesome mom is lives in California I spent the afternoon out four wheeling with some friends in their jeep.. Fun times out in Ocala, FL. We hit tons of trails and rocks and overall it was pretty badass. Ended up stuck in about knee deep high mud, but it was a lot of fun..

The stupid part you might ask? Well, 2 weeks ago my legs got fried from driving around in the jeep and today as we headed back at peak sunshine hours.. For some reason I decided not to put sunscreen on my damn legs.. So again, it looks like I have 2 red stripes on my thighs. Awesome. I swear I am some sort of freak of nature as my shins never get red or tan. They just stay ghostly white. I do not understand it.

Monday is a day of follow up calls and emails and getting things done… A lot to do this week.. And possibly an important announcement.



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