Just Random Thoughts and Updates

As I am currently in between projects.. I thought I would just throw out some randomness today.. I decided a couple weeks ago to cut off about 8 inches of hair. Most of my friends were in shock. As was I when I looked at the floor and saw all my hair. Of course if you don’ see me everyday you wouldn’t notice, but I do. It’s crazy. I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love or something, but I needed to cut more and I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I know.. I’m an asshole. Whatever..

I managed to complete another road trip. I traveled up to Nashville and then on to Clarksville to help a friend shoot video for a project he is working on. I hope to have the trailer for this completed with his approval in the next week or so. After Clarksville I made a quick tour of the Southeast. I love the South. The GPS took me on a beautiful drive from Clarksville to just outside Memphis. I loved it. I was able to take the new car on her first road trip. As expected she handled like a beauty. I don’t think this car will get as many trips as the F150 did, but time will tell.

That F150 should have been in commercials. I bought it with 100 miles and traded it in with over 213,000 and it still ran like the day I bought it. The F150 took me across this great country of our 8 or 9 times.. Maybe more.. I have honestly lost count. She was a badass. As I mentioned, the Dodge Charger got her first run and it was fucking awesome.

The Stanley Cup finals begin tonight and as much as I am disappointed that the Anaheim Ducks didn’t make it I have to cheer on the Nashville Predators. I normally don’t cheer on the team that beats the team I cheer for, but this year is the exception. I can’t stand the Penguins. I will cheer on any team that plays them or the Steelers. The Ducks still had another incredible season. There is always next year.


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