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Keeping It Simple

Greetings my friends.. Just a reminder that this weekend is my birthday so feel free to send gifts in the form of money. That is the easiest gift to get me. I always like that my birthday is around the 4th as it seems to always work out to get an extended weekend. This year I have no idea what to do.. I would like to take a road trip for the weekend, traveling is always crazy as it is a holiday weekend. I will probably just lay low and spend time with some friends.

Did I mention you can send gifts aka money as a gift? Just checking to make sure. I will even make it more simple to send me money since most do not have my address. Here is a link to my paypal account. I like to keep things very simple. As they say.. Keep It Simple Stupid.

I will accept donations before Saturday.. Who am I kidding? I will take those donations any day of the week or year. If you are willing to open your wallet I am willing to accept your donation.

Once again in case you missed the link.. It is here.

Thank you in advance. Have a great week. Stay safe.


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