Kid Rock

Today I had the chance to listen to Kid Rock’s new song “First Kiss” and I’ll admit I’m shocked at what a good track it is. I say that because lets face it the last couple records were not all that great. In my opinion the last GREAT album was his self titled release in 2003.

I will admit Kid Rock was one of those guys that grew on me after the track “Bawitaba” was released. I can remember sitting in my Program Director’s office in 98 when “I am the Bullgod” was released and a handful of us laughing at the CD cover. I remember one of the comments being something like.. “Yea I don’t think this guy will be around for long”.. Or “I give him a few weeks on the radio” .. We were definitely wrong.

I remember playing Bawitaba on my new music show in Roanoke, VA and the phones going crazy when that song was played.. I knew at that moment that if phones were ringing in Roanoke this song was going to be huge.. And it was / is.

We even did a free concert with him and about 15 people showed up including the bar staff. I remember sitting at the bar with my record rep from Atlantic Records and he says.. “Have you met Bob?” I replied who? He said, Kid Rock. I said his name is Bob? for some reason I thought that was hilarious.. I still have no idea why other than I probably had one too many at that point.. He was a great guy and I even had the chance to meet Joe C (He was also awesome).

To Kid Rock’s credit he came out and played like he was in front of 10,000 people. It was an incredible show. .. A few months later he was playing arenas. It was pretty wild.

Here I sit years later thinking this dude has had an awesome career and I hope this new album is another great one.

First Kiss hits the stores on Feb 24th.

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