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Left Behind, Boy’s Stuffed Tiger Goes on Big Adventure at Tampa International Airport

Source - Yahoo:

When a little boy left his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, at the Tampa International Airport, employees took the toy on adventure. They documented the journey in a photo book before the boy returned to pick up his stuffed animal.

A little boy who left his favorite stuffed animal at the Tampa Bay International Airport before leaving for a family vacation returned to an unexpected surprise: not only did he get his toy back, but employees had taken it on an airport adventure, and documented the escapades in a photo book.

Six-year-old Owen Lake was already aboard a flight to Houston earlier this month when he realized he left his favorite stuffed tiger, Hobbes, behind. His mother, Amanda Lake, immediately called the airport in hopes of rescuing her son’s toy. “We got a call from Amanda Lake who was distraught that her son realized just after getting on the plane that he had lost his Hobbes,” airport operations center manager Tony D’Aiuto tells Yahoo Parenting.  “The dispatcher reached out to housekeeping and they found the doll. We weren’t able to get it to Owen before the flight departed, but we were able to reassure Amanda that he was safe and we’d keep him until the family returned.”

Source: Yahoo

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