financial dominatrix

Meet the Woman Who Makes $250,000 a Year to Verbally Abuse Men Online

by Tyler Lemco -

I know some people with some pretty cool jobs. One of my best friends works for a sports media company and basically just travels around, city to city, attending sporting events and trying the best foods the stadiums have to offer. I know a girl who gets paid to go to luxury resorts and review them, so not only does she get paid to vacation, but she gets pampered and treated like royalty everywhere she goes. Heck, I even left a job eating and drinking on YouTube and replaced it with one where I look at ass n’ titties all day long. Not too shabby, either. None of these gigs compare to how Princess Meggerz earns a paycheck, though.

She’s not a model. Nor is she an actress. Her job title is that of a “financial dominatrix”. If you’re confused as to what that means, that’s normal. I had never heard of it until this morning, but apparently her entire job revolves around guys sending her money. This is a real thing. She gets guys, who have a weird sexual fetish for sending women money without anything in return, to do just that: send her money. She smack-talks them a bit and teases them, but there’s no sexual favors or anything of the sort in return. She straight up makes a living by getting sent money.

According to a recent feature with Thrillist, Meggerz makes over $200,000 a year off these men who just want to be called names and stripped of their cash. You can check out her website here. I’m not sure if there’s a pricing page or any sort of payment plan, as I felt dirty being on there and closed it almost immediately.

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