megadeth dystopia

Megadeth – Dystopia

I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear when I purchased the new Megadeth album “Dystopia”.. Honestly all I wanted was a kick ass, make my ears bleed, good ol’ Megadeth record. Ladies and gentlemen that is exactly what I got.

Now let me back up a minute.. When I first heard the single I had mixed emotions and I thought it has to get better… Right? It’s Megadeth. After listening to the single a few more times it got a little better each time.. I couldn’t wait until the release date.

After 18 years in radio and a Megadeth fan since I was about 14, one thing I can say is that I am not one to sit and critique music especially from a band like Megadeth. I either like it or I don’t. I am just excited to get new music from bands that I love, as new bands haven’t impressed me much over the years.. Or maybe I am just getting old.. But.. That can’t be it. Because I have awesome taste in music.

I am not going to breakdown each track like a “professional” writer or reviewer.. I am not going to use words like “thunderous”, “metal mastery”, “ferocious”, “chugging riffs” or any other adjective that does nothing more than add useless words to a review to that you are sick of reading 3 sentences in.


I am going to make this quick and painless.. Pick up “Dystopia”. It fucking kicks ass. The bees knees.. Whatever term you would like to use.. Just get your hands on it by whatever means necessary. It is worth every cent. I am excited to see them live again even though it won’t be until April or May when they hit Florida.

I will leave you with my favorite tracks at the moment.. “Fatal Illusion”, “Death From Within”, and “The Emperor”.

This album will be on repeat for the next few days… That much I can promise you.

Crank it up! Live Life LOUD!

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