Mark Zuckerberg

More Changes Coming to Facebook Messenger

by: Bryan Shaw

Facebook’s keynote at its annual F8 conference today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they are committed to creating a more stable bug-free platform for developers and talked about what’s in store for the rest of us.

Big changes are coming to the messenger app. Similar to how you might swap to an emoji keyboard on your phone, apps within Messenger will allow you to access a certain app directly within Messenger and add content from it.  Facebook has 40 app partners and are opening it up to more as of March 25th.

JibJab is one of those apps that is currently working with the messenger app and allows you to send short video messages to your friends over the messenger. The messaging app now supports GIFs and has an app for creating your own animated messages to send to friends.

The next step is joining the e-commerce world with the messenger app. Brands can potentially offer to send you updates via the messenger app such as your receipt of a recent purchase or even shipping information. You can also have the opportunity to connect directly to the brand to ask questions just like you would with one of your friends.

We are all aware how big video has become in recent months as we are now watching more than 3 billion videos a day in Facebook’s News Feed.  The next step for Facebook will include an embed code (just like YouTube) for the videos you have uploaded to your feed so you can share your videos on other websites.

It doesn’t look like Facebook is going away anytime soon. This means be on the look-out for more Facebook integration in a lot more places including our cars and homes.

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