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More New Music From Surfing YouTube

It’s been a while since the last posting, but I am still getting lost in the YouTube rabbit hole listening to music. It was just a few weeks back that I found the band Bishop Gunn and just this week I stumbled on Shawn James and the Shapeshifters. This dude and his band = Awesome.

I am not sure why I even clicked on the video for Ain’t No Sunshine covered by Shawn James, but I did and I am glad I made that click. I listened to that, and then a few more songs and a few more and the next thing I was downloading all his music. The guy is great.

As I have mentioned before this is the way I am finding new music. The days of listening to radio to find a new band are long gone. It is all about social media and word of mouth. Radio has done a great job of making sure we love 200 hits and that’s all. I am glad I was in the business a short time when new music was still a thing to hear on the radio.

If you have a suggestion for new music let me know on my Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter. I am always looking for some cool new stuff.

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