stanley cup

NHL Stanley Cup and More…

I have been slacking with the web updates lately, but it’s hockey playoff season. So I will be making this update quick.

The Anaheim Ducks got knocked out early in the playoffs, but I still love watching the games. There really is nothing like the game of hockey. How can you not like the action, intensity, and how can you not like the fights? There hasn’t been too much fighting throughout the playoffs, but the games have still been awesome.

It is pretty crazy I get home and immediately turn on the game, which pretty much keeps me from doing anything at night. Now it is down to the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins and I look forward to Monday night when the cup gets underway.

The beauty of freelancing is I can sit down on the couch and work and watch the game.

Gooooooooo Sharks!


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