Road Trip

No Time Limit.. No Destination.. No Worries

Greetings.. It is has been too long since I have posted.. And I will be honest, I had all these fantastic plans to blog about my road trip from Los Angeles back to the East Coast, but I was having too much fun. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was to get in my truck and just drive.. No time limit.. No destination.. No worries.

From my previous blog entry the idea was to leave Los Angeles and enjoy the ride back east. This time I was going a route I have never been, see those road side stops and I did just that. There were only 2 real destinations in mind.. Mount Rushmore and Florida. Things always change at the last minute and they did and a third stop was added.. Guns N Roses in San Francisco.

Aug 6th came and it was time to Rock n Roll.

Here is a quick rundown of the trip.. I will get into more details over the coming days.

Redondo Beach, CA > Las Vegas, NV (Day 1)

Las Vegas, NV > Reno NV (Day 2)

Reno, NV > Lake Tahoe > Rocklin CA > San Francisco (Day 3)

San Francisco for the day and check out Guns N Roses at AT&T Park (Day 4)

San Francisco > Salt Lake City, UT > Rock Springs, WY (Day 5)

Rock Springs, WY > Mount Rushmore, SD > Sturgis, SD > Kadoka, SD (Day 6)

Kadoka, SD > Chicago. IL (Day 7 – Day 10)

Chicago, IL > Granite City, IL (Day 11 – Day 15)

Granite City, IL > Nashville, TN > Atlanta, GA (Day 16)

Atlanta, GA > Clearwater, FL (Day 18)

You can make excuses all day about why you can’t do the same thing, but a road trip like this should be done by everyone. I can tell you this for sure our country is an incredible sight to see.

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