Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

by Bryan Shaw:

Is your LinkedIn profile getting the exposure you need? Are you making the connections you would like to make to advance your career?

LinkedIn offers many ways to optimize your profile, helping more people discover you and promote your business or website.

The first thing you should do is add your skills to your LinkedIn profile, it is the easiest way to optimize your profile with specific keywords. This also allows you to get endorsements from your connections for those skills. LinkedIn showcases your top 10 skills based on endorsements so people know where you excel.

Use the projects section to highlight products, services, or other projects, like a podcast. Directly link the projects to your website and include team members that helped you when applicable.

The Publications section is great if you’re an author, regular contributor to top publications, or have ebooks, white papers and other content that you want to promote. You should link directly to where visitors can purchase or read your publications.

The Honors and Awards section was originally there for students, but you can highlight anything you have received from recognized authorities and publications from your industry. Also showcase your specialized certifications. This section allows you to showcase your specialized educational achievements within your industry. If you’ve taken any courses that apply to your field, list them in the Courses section.

Feature any professional organizations you belong to. Highlight your position or membership. This is another opportunity to add keywords to your profile.

If you speak a second or third language, make sure you have added that in your profile.

Add the Volunteer section to your profile to show others that you also care about helping others. For nonprofits, this is a great way to promote your organization and cause.

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