Optimize Your Tweets for Search

by - Bryan Shaw:

Do you want more out of your Twitter?

Using a few easy techniques you can increase your chance that your Twitter account shows up in a Google and Twitter search.

Combine your website keywords with popular hashtags and topics that work with your content. Then monitor your engagement, link clicks and reach. When you spikes in your metrics you will know which tweets have the most effective keywords. Then you should use those words more in your tweets and profile.

Start by making sure your Twitter handle / username match your website and / or your brand name. Being consistent across all channels is important to make sure you are found by the audience you want.

Do not use a lot of numbers in your name, as Google may mark it as spam.

Link to the main page of your brand’s website because it usually has the best SEO authority. Also provide a link to your Twitter account on your website.

Google lets you embed code in your website to specify your preferred social accounts, like Twitter, to include in search results. You can grab the code from the Google Developers site here for your website.

Always make sure you use keywords in your tweets.

And encourage retweets.


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