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Pinball Wizardry

Here we are the beginning of a new week.. The weekend was still really fun even though the Anaheim Ducks lost in game 7 to the Chicago Blackhawks.. The Ducks still had a great season with the BEST record in the Western Conference and gave us fans a lot to look forward to going into next season.

On Sunday I headed out to kill some time and my friend and I ended up at the Pinball Lounge. I kicked ass even with a few beers in me.. Just sayin.. This place was awesome. 14 pinball machines that will be changed out every few weeks. It was cool to go and actually play games for a quarter…I managed to rack up the high score in the “Fireball” pinball game. I beat the old score by 500,000 points.. The new high score by yours truly is 1,401,970 points.. (See photos for proof) I was a pinball wizard.. Just not deaf, dumb and blind.. If you are in the Oviedo, FL area you should definitely go and check it out. The Pinball Lounge is also starting up a league that begins on June 30th and I think we have rounded up enough people to have a lot of fun once a week.

This week there is a lot to get done.. Videos, graphics, websites, and a couple digital marketing blogs to get on the site.. I will be sure to publish them to social media when things are updated.

It’s official when you make it on the chalk board….


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