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Quick Trip to Key West

I have never understood those who do not take vacation days. I think so many people are afraid of losing their jobs if they take days off be it sick days or vacation days. My response to those who think that way.. You are probably not doing your job correctly if you feel you can be replaced because you took days off that earned working for your company. A vacation is always great. Whether you end up staying home and relaxing or heading out of town for a few days to regroup and recharge as they say.I am usually one of those that takes time off, but never goes any where.. Not this time..I just spent the last four days in Key West hanging with family and some great friends.

One of the coolest things was renting a jet ski and cruising around the island. I wish I could afford to pick up one of those I would hit the water every weekend.

The downside to every getaway is having to come back and catch up from everything you missed while you were out. So I have to keep this short and get back to work.

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Have a great week!

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