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Scarf Rock n Roll

Ever had one of those days or nights where you went on YouTube to watch one video and 3 hours later you were still there watching videos. Well that happened to me last night.

My friend …Um we will call her “Amy” mentioned her and her friends were listening to the band Cinderella and I was like damn, I haven’t listened to them in a long time. Sooooooo.. I headed over and pulled up one of my favorite songs by them – Shake Me from the album Night Songs… And that my friends is how it all started…

That is a classic from my childhood. The days of MTV when they were playing music videos and helping bands sell millions of albums and turning them into superstars.

Of course, as I mentioned, I watched that video and then I see on the side some of the other great “Scarf Rockers” aka hair bands, such as the Bulletboys, Dangerous Toys, Danger Danger, Britny Fox, Ratt, Motley Crue and a host of others.. So it was like a trip back to the 80’s.

Whether you like that ERA of music or not, it certainly defined a generation of kids and band loyalty. That was a time when your band came out with a new album you were at the record store the day it came out to pick it up. It is certainly fun to look back at that time and think about the fun that was had in going to the shows and listening to the albums with your friends. The loyalty continues to this day when most of these bands tour the fans come out to support them whether it’s in a small club or a summer amphitheater show.

I can remember going to the record store at midnight to pick up the “Black” album from Metallica and the “Use Your Illusion” albums from Guns N Roses and meeting other crazy fans. Definitely something that kids today will never understand. It was also a time when a CD might cost 8.99 or 9.99 and you didn’t even care if you had heard a song yet… You just wanted the new album.

Good times… Long Live Scarf Rock.

By the way.. If you haven’t picked up Tom Keifer of Cinderella’s latest solo album “Solid Ground” you should pick it up. One of my personal favorite records in the last couple years.

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