Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s that time again.. The NHL playoffs are on and I swear at night I can’t get anything done especially when my team, the Anaheim Ducks, are in it.. Every game I watch even when the Ducks aren’t playing I wonder how the hell more people do not watch hockey. It’s fast.. It’s brutal.. And it’s edge of your seat every game… I love it.

I try watching as many games as I can, but now I have had to mute my TV and turn on the Ducks radio feed or listen to the Canadian feed to get unbiased announcers. I haven’t figured out what the Ducks have to do to get the respect of these horrible announcers, because¬†no matter what they do or how they win it’s always because the other team screwed up.

I will admit they have played pretty inconsistent this series against the Oilers, but Sunday nights game they kicked mucho ass. Hopefully they will continue that style of play.

I have ben watching so much hockey that my book writing is going a little slower than I anticipated, but I am still shooting for the July deadline for the rough draft to be finished. I have a couple working titles, but we will see how it shakes out once the rough draft is finished.

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