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Tempted to Lie on Your Resume? Here’s Why You Should Tell the Truth

by: Bryan Shaw

Even as difficult as it has been to land a full time gig in recent months I have never thought about lying on my resume. Some people say fake it until you make it, but that just isn’t me and as this article states.. It’s really only a matter of time before you get busted.

If you do it, it might be on the biggest mistakes you ever make.

I had only one boss in my career who accused me of lying on my resume and told me he would immediately fire me if he found any of it was untrue. I couldn’t even believe what I heard him say, and needless to say it was not a great way to start off our working relationship.

Again, I have never lied about any of my qualifications or my experience.

Check out this article from and check out their 7 reasons why you should never lie on your resume.

Side note: Brazen Careerist is a great website and has some great advice and articles.

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