The BulletBoys, Yes The BulletBoys

I have been listening to some of the “hair bands” recently, and I was thinking about the times I have met some of them over the years and one story seems to always stand out and make me laugh.

I just had moved to Southern California in 1999 and I was living with my brother in Manhattan Beach, and I can remember walking down the street when I looked in a garage and saw a few BulletBoys posters hanging in the garage and I thought to myself who in the world has BulletBoys posters? Plus you could see what looked like platinum records hanging on the wall when you passed by at night.. I just kept thinking who lives there? A musician? Record guy? Music fan? I really had no idea..

Fast forward a couple weeks later and I am sitting on the balcony of the house and I see these guys all playing football or frisbee in the street. As I started watching these guys I thought to myself that looks like the dudes in the BulletBoys and then it clicked.. The posters and such and I was like what in the hell? I came to find out Lonnie Vencent the bassist for the band lived in the place a few houses down. For some reason it made me laugh. I guess that a band that I loved listening to at the time and one of the guys as my neighbor. Crazy. Small world. Call it what you want.

It wasn’t long after that I was walking home and I see Lonnie Vencent walk out of the bar as I passed by .. He was walking with a woman on each arm, and I thought to myself what year is it? It is 1999 right? Not 1989? Seriously? I mean who was still listening to this band at this time .. Better yet.. Who would know who this dude in Manhattan Beach, after all it wasn’t Hollywood.

I hadn’t heard anything from the band in years so as I am walking I finally said, “Excuse me,” he stopped and says “Yeah man what’s up?” I said, “Weren’t you the bass player in the BulletBoys a few years ago?” He then looked at me and said, “No, I AM the bass player in the BulletBoys.” He seemed a little bit offended that I thought they weren’t a band any longer, but in all honesty I had no clue the band was still around at that time. We then stood and chatted for a couple minutes and we talked about a couple of the shows that I had seen of theirs in St. Louis, and he spoke fondly of those shows. Then I was like have a great night. I didn’t want to cut in on his time with the ladies.. I am sure he loved that someone recognized him that night. Like I said he had 2 girls with him and maybe it helped his game that someone recognized him.

He was a super nice guy as the entire band was the couple times I had met them in the past. He was no different this time around.

This always makes me laugh just for his statement of… “No, I AM the bass player in the BulletBoys.” Good times. When I listen to these guys I still think about this..

The BulletBoys like a lot of those bands have since split and the singer Marq Torien still fronts the band. While Mick Sweda, Lonnie Vencent, and Jimmy D’anda have a band called Lies Deceit and Treachery.

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