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The Rolling Stones are Coming to Florida

Who is excited? This guy.. The Rolling Stones are coming to Orlando! I mean lets just say this now.. The Stones are still the greatest touring Rock n Roll band.. I am not sure what all the hubbub is around Van Halen touring.. I love DLR Van Halen, but there is something about them touring that makes me not even care they are going out this Summer. I think I lost some respect when Eddie stated a few years ago that the porn music he was doing was some of the best music he has ever done.. I mean seriously?

(Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice) I saw the Stones in 2013 in Anaheim on the 50th Anniversary Tour and they were awesome. Everything about the show is worth every nickel you will spend. The band sounds incredible, the stage setup, and they put on a great show. Mick is the greatest frontman. There is none higher. The 2013 show was also kick ass because it was my dad’s first concert.. I know those of you that know me can’t understand that, but we had a blast.. It will definitely be a night I will never forget.

I have no problem spending a couple hundred bucks to see them if I have to, but I will probably opt for some cheaper seats this time around. After all, I can do the cheap seats since it’s my 4th time seeing the band.

I can’t stress enough if you have an opportunity to see them, don’t pass it up. You will not be disappointed.

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