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The Stanley Cup Finals

I have been slacking on my updates due to the incredible NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. These games have been so good.. Even the teams I don’t like I would find myself glued to the TV to watch. Every game has had me on the edge of my seat. I still can’t figure out why hockey is not more popular than it is. I would watch a hockey game over any other sport any day of the week. The quickness of the game, the hits, and the over all talent of these athletes is unbelievable. Not to mention when you think one team is out the other manages a comeback. It’s crazy! This is what sports is all about.

As I write this game 7 of both series hasn’t happened.. I think the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Anaheim Ducks both choked on their opportunity to clinch and head to the Stanley Cup. I am certainly hoping for this to the finals that I see. My hockey team is the Ducks and Tampa is just down the road so I could actually head to a game if they head to the finals.

I have never watched any sport like I have been watching hockey this season. I am ready for the weekend to sit down with a cold one and watch another couple of great games.

Lets Go Ducks!

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