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The Story of Wish You Were Here

I love documentary films. It is pretty much all I watch on Netflix plus a few old TV shows. They have some really interesting documentaries, and if you have some time you should do yourself a favor and watch a few. Recently, I subscribed to Qello which is basically the Netflix for music. On Qello you get concerts, interviews, and even music documentaries. For 4 dollars a month you really can’t beat it.

I have spent countless hours watching “Behind the Music” “Rock Docs” and any number of other how they made XYZ album. I am truly fascinated on how they created some of the best records in history before all the technology we have today. Watching how they created certain sound effects or different noises in some of our favorite songs is just really unbelievable. I still think that these albums would not be as legendary if they were created using todays technology. The men and women creating these timeless albums are truly musical and creative geniuses.

Today I watched “The Story of Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd”. In an hour I learned more about that record from the band and photographers themselves than I ever knew from research or playing them on the radio over the past 20 years.

I found out a couple of the most iconic photographs were real and not touched up or manipulated in any manner (One of these is the photo in this post). What songs were really about, and even who actually sang a few lines in the song “Have a Cigar” after thinking all these years it was Roger Waters. Plus interesting things about Syd Barrett and just some of the inner workings of Pink Floyd and its band members.

When you hear the real stories behind the creation of “Wish You Were Here” or any other iconic album it really puts into perspective why their music has lasted as long as it has. It’s truly incredible.

Here are a handful of my favorite music documentaries:

1. Muscle Shoals

2. Downloaded

3. 20 Feet From Stardom

4. History of the Eagles

5. Last Days Here

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