xxmas tis the season

Tis the Season

I am happy to say the XXMas 2016 cards have been sent to everyone and the reactions are priceless. It doesn’t matter the effort that really goes into my annual XXmas card once my friends start getting them. I don’t think most realize the time and energy that goes into that card, but I do enjoy doing it. If you have ever seen the cards then you would know why. It really is getting to the point where the postage actually costs more than the printing of the actual cards. I think next year I might have to setup a gofundme page.

Since I will be hanging around Florida for the holidays I decided to splurge a little on myself..  Last week I picked up a pair of tickets to see Bruce Springsteen. After seeing a couple documentaries and learning more about him I realized what I had been missing out on with his music. I have never seen the Boss and I knew I had to catch him this time around. I have seen so many bands multiple times it’s always nice to see someone I have never seen.

I also grabbed some cheap airline tickets to L.A. to see the fam.. And I managed to schedule it around one of four shows that Metal Allegiance is doing on their West Coast tour. These guys are awesome and in my opinion have the best rock record of 2015. This show is at the Whiskey, the legendary venue on the Sunset Strip, on January 9th. If you are in the area of this date or any of their West Coast shows I recommend picking up a ticket.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Randy Blythe on the track Gift of Pain below:

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