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Top 20 Names of Guys Who Are Best in Bed

Last week I posted the top 20 names of women who were best in bed.. So this week … to be fair I am posting what I am told by my lady friends is the top 20 guys names who are best in bed.. I am happy to say I made the top 10.. Ok.. My name did.. Maybe my women friends are biased.. but at least they didn’t say number one. .That would have totally kissing my ass but if the shoe fits..

20. Justin

19. Craig

18. Jesse

17. David

16. Nathan

15. Luke

14. Brandon

13. Brad

12. Andrew

11. Jeremy

10. Bryan

9.  James

8.  Kyle

7.  Scott

6.  Anthony

5.  Alex

4.  Chad

3.  The guy you can’t remember

2.  Sean

1. Nick

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